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  CHECKCONDO.NET Is a team of professional engineers and break . That worked in real estate for over 10 years has seen the problems of construction and a house, townhouse, condo current that is controlled in several stages, some of the steps that the inspection may be not . thorough Cause This normally these problems in the future and I'ma live on indefinitely.

    Our team was established to bridge the gap of these problems. The main purpose is to check , check the engineering knowledge about the house. Condo customers bought . Benefit Customers older Home prior to award of the project to ensure that problems will not occur after delivery of homes and condo in the future.



Home Care



Sample report

(Photos and detailed descriptions)



Performance monitoring , Prices start at 2,000 baht only.

- Preuksa Ville 38, The Base Nut , condos Wisdom.

Trust Rama 3, condo Lumpini Sukhumvit 77.

Interior swine Nut - a position that , The CONNECT Watcharaphon .

dCondo Petchburi - Sansiri, swine breeze, enjoy the view.

Life Sukhumvit Sukhumvit IDEO Mobi - Ananda.

Village COCO park, condos Aspire.

Zenith plase Ekamai The crest, house Zenmura.

The base Rama 9 - Sansiri , Plum Condo.

Condo Onyx phaholyothin, swine with T as a phrase .

the Wellington Ram 40, swine Prueksaville with T as .

Aspire, The kris Ratchada 17, Supalai Kaset .

Belle Grand Rama9 LPN Development

The Seed Mingle Sathorn , PST CONDO, Condo The LOG 3.

Village Lalin Green Ville . , CCTV - Development , i condo Condo , and more.

Rate QC





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Condominium, 1 Bedroom

<40 m²

2,000 ฿

1,000 ฿

3,000 ฿


Condominium, 2 Bedroom

<72 m²

2,500 ฿

1,000 ฿

3,500 ฿



2 storey townhouse

<80 m²

3,000 ฿

2,000 ฿

5,000 ฿


3 storey townhouse

<132 m²

3,500 ฿

2,000 ฿

5,500 ฿



2 storey house

<80 m²

4,000 ฿

2,000 ฿

6,000 ฿


2 storey house

<120 m²

4,500 ฿

2,000 ฿

6,500 ฿


2 storey house

<180 m²

5,000 ฿

2,500 ฿

7,500 ฿


Knowledge Construction



Check with Checkcondo.net The following are the customers .

The way we have been all classified into seven parts.

1.Structural steel columns is the cracking of the masonry wall subsidence of other foundations .

2.Tasks successfully Is the subject of clean water to a full -Silicone other.

3. Position accuracy is a matter for the plug. Other accessories for the home

4. The space Is the space inside the building and outside the building. That there is a recovery or not.

5. Exterior is a matter of the soil. And reclamation that correct or not.

6. frosted Since sample frame roof. Is the installation of a leak to the other various equipment .

7.Water system - fire. Slope is a matter of fine and accurate wiring closet Load more sanitary .

After completion , it was reported that .

With DEFACT out thoroughly with photo 7 the whole section will cover everything in the housing of the House Town House Condominium .

TEL 087-8899-227 ( Si )

Mail: checkcondo@hotmail.com.